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GLSTIN is a broad-spectrum systemic fungicide based on CARBENDAZIM (common name) which is chemically: 2- (Methoxy-carbamoyl)-benzimidazole. GLSTIN is a versatile fungicide with both prophylactic and curative action. GLSTIN controls a very wide range of important diseases of agricultural, horticultural and plantation crops.

Salient Features

  • GLSTIN has both curative and protective actions whereas the contact fungicides have only protective action.
  • GLSTIN is absorbed by the plant shortly after application; it is not easily washed away by rain, or blown away by wind or degraded by sunlight and other weather elements.
  • Although uniform spraying should be ensured, GLSTIN does not need as thorough coverage as contact fungicides.
  • As GLSTIN is translocated to new sites of growth it protects them for some time. Therefore, number of sprays necessary in case of GLSTIN is less as compared to non-systemic fungicides.
  • GLSTIN can be applied in almost any situation: foliar spray, seedling dip, postharvest treatment of fruits, seed dressing and soil drench.
  • Besides controlling plant diseases, GLSTIN often stimulates the growth, flowering and yield of plants.
  • LSTIN has low mammalian toxicity and is harmless to bees.
  • Regular use of GLSTIN keeps mite population under check.
  • By efficient control of diseases, GLSTIN leads to bumper crops.
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